joneman45: Poor boy.  See how distressed he looks as the nurse…


Poor boy.  See how distressed he looks as the nurse inserts the nozzle up in butt for his enema.

Not as distressed as he would have been if he hadn’t followed instructions.

Poor boy, was in the examining room   standing only in his underpants with his mom thinking the physical exam was over.  In walks a nurse.

“Jon, please follow me” the nurse says.

“Where are we going,”  asked Jon.

“to another room,” replied the nurse.

Jon meekly follows the nurse down the hall only in his underpants.  Jon’s mom follows behind.

Jon and mom enter the exam room followed by the nurse who closes the door.  Imagine the shock on Jon’s face when he see a red enema bag hanging from a tall stand.  The tubing hung over the stand.  Attached was a nozzle already coated with Vaseline.

The nurse tells Jon that the doctor had ordered an enema.

“No, no, no I don’t need it”, Jon pleads.

“Take off your underpants and l lay on the table”, the nurse orders and “And lay on your stomach”

Jon just stands there with a shocked look.  “No, I won’t do it.”

Mom goes over to Jon.  “You do as the nurse says or else when we get home,  You’ll get a spanking so hard you’ll not sit for a week.  And then I’ll give you an enema.”

Jon  slowly removes his underpants and lays over the table…Jon is so embarrassed as he feels the nurse’s hand on his butt separating his buttocks and feels the nozzle slide into him.  He raises his head and looks back seeing the nurse’s hand on his butt and the other hand holding the tubing by his butt.  He sees the stern look on the nurse’s face.  She see him and give him a slight smile.

Does one think the nurse loves her task?